Up Up and Away... On the lighter side

Message posted by Robert on August 05, 2008 at 8:39:09 PST:

I live near between Indian Springs and Mt Charleston on the far Northwest end of the Las Vegas valley. Every morning I see a Red, White and Blue Remax balloon float by. This morning it was heading towards Indian Springs and I started to wonder. What would the reaction be to hot air ballooning in the Tikaboo Valley. I know they are not the easiest to control. The wind sort of does the job, but would it be possible to catch a view over the ridges at the dry lake bed. I am wondering about the reaction from security. Would it even by possible to be high enough in a balloon to see the Groom Dry Lake? Just some thoughts. I know nothing about balloons. Just something to think about. Things have been heavy with the death of that hero pilot. Those were great posts by Alan. This idea sort of makes me laugh, but then think!


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