Tikaboo Peak

Message posted by Gregos on March 28, 2008 at 0:31:55 PST:

Me looking over at Area 51

I climbed Tikaboo Peak today! Awesome!!! I will post a trip report as it was truly a great experience. Three hours up, just under two down. It would have probably been faster but I lost the trail I think more times than I was on it! I thought the trip down on that loose shale was far worse than going up!

However, the trash along the way was down right appalling! I was expecting to see some small bits here and there as accidents happen. But it was out of control. Someone left a broken telescope at the top. Water bottles everywhere, I can go on and on. I don't understand how some people will make the effort to climb to such a beautiful place and then desecrate it???

Maybe we should organize a group climb and only take one camera and spotting scope. Everyone carry H2O and food but otherwise empty packs to haul all that trash out. What I saw would take more than one person to bring down. Just a thought...


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