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Message posted by Gregos on March 28, 2008 at 1:50:46 PST:

Gorgeous! Probably 80's in Vegas but I think the truck said 64F at Tikaboo. I took a sweatshirt up but only put it on once. It was like climbing in AC when the wind was blowing, which was all the time. I didn't get to the top until after 2pm so it was blue haze but I could vaguely see Hanger 18 and the new Hanger with the naked eye -I think. Put it this way I knew where to point the camera but it was sensory overload as I knew I had limited daylight up there. It felt like being on the moon. I had a checklist and time was ticking! If I got caught up there in the dark I wouldn't be typing this right now!!! More about that in my trip report. Some snow, but I hit more on the way down than up. It would be really cold at night but it was perfect for the day! It's not that bad of a climb.

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