Re: Tikaboo Peak

Message posted by Gregos on March 28, 2008 at 9:04:30 PST:

Since it was my first trip I choose to go as light as possible not knowing what I was getting into. So I left the scope behind. I only took water a sandwich, Cliff bars, my GPS, Scanner, and camera with a 70-210 lens with a 1.7x tele-converter. All in a very small pack with only a plastic grocery bag for trash. I only was able to carry a small amount down.

There was still a lot of snow around the false summit but not at the top. It was nice because I'd stop to scoop up some instead of using all my water. I hope it's not radioactive!

Someone left a large bag of trash in the saddle hanging on a tree. I was going to bring it down but the bag was disintegrating in the Nevada sun. I should have taken it down and put it in the fire pit under some rocks or something so it doesn't blow all around. I didn't think about it at the time....

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