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Message posted by Alex (UK) on March 03, 2008 at 16:15:23 PST:

"what's the record of mig 29's (I don't know if the USAF or IAF has matched up against any Su27's so far) against old US technology like the F-15 and F-16? Not too good is it. Sort of like they haven't managed to shoot down either one of them in air-to-air"

come on man, you sure thats not just american bias kicking in? most states that use MiG 29's and have come into contact with western fighters, i can think of a few, suffer from that soviet doctrine of "you listen to the ground controllers, you have no freedom". I seem to remember the luftwaffe having a number of MiG 29's in the early 90s and the pilots of those aircraft being as exceptional as your F16 pilots, the MiG 29 is a brilliant aircraft, just cos its russian doesnt mean its bad. The training methods of the pilots of any state that use it are old hat, they cant get the best from that plane. And yeh, the F22 may be able to shoot its missiles before dogfighting begins (i could go on for days about how its taken the fun out of it) but put an Su-37 in the right hands, and im sure it could give that raptor a run for its money.

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