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Message posted by psiuh88 on March 04, 2008 at 7:52:38 PST:

right, the Su will be lit up on radar like a 747. easy picking for the F-22 from 100 miles away. dead meat, even with some super russian honcho flying the cuban Su-27 (or 37).
some people just don't get it, aerial combat is no longer just about dogfighting - sensors and computign power put the F-22 so far beyond what the new soviets have to offer. even if it gets into gun range, who has the better air combat training (and dissimilar aircraft training) - the commies or the USAF/USN? the only reason the US had problems with migs in the Vietnam war was because the idiot Johnson would not allow the NV airfields to be detroyed, or even touched for many years.
oh, yeah, and for you Alex the red, hope the russian aircraft technicians don't drain all the glycol and other fluids from the fighters before they even take off to drain it through bread so they can get blindingly drunk!

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