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Message posted by Roadeye on December 13, 2007 at 10:27:00 PST:

Made my first trip back in early November.
Took the Groom Lake Road off 375 by the mailboxes.
We were coming back from Rachel, after having decided to go there first to ask some of the people at the Little AleInn for advice, do's and don'ts etc...found them all very friendly...although the fact that each of the four of us probably dropped about 150 bucks for shirts, hats, etc. while we were there probably helped break the ice more than just a little bit.
Met a government white Ford 150 about half way into the gate and sure enough the dudes were on top of the hill waiting for us when we got to the gate.
We were there just before the sun went down...late afternoon. The light was amazing and the whole experience of just being there was more than worth the time to make the trip up from Vegas. We left Vegas at 1:00pm made the trip up and back by about eight or nine in the evening...that gave us a bit of time around the gate...time to stop for lunch in Alamo...a visit to Rachel...stops for photos etc.
All in all a great day and the "Good Story" experience of a lifetime, seeing that we came all the way from Prince Edward Island in Canada.
Hope you have a good trip


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