Re: Curious rookie making run to 51 from LV

Message posted by Roadeye on December 13, 2007 at 13:16:41 PST:

Ok...who am I to get into this kind of debate?

I just looked at the photo I took at the gate...the truck on top of the hill, in the late afternoon light does look a sort of off white color...but if you say it is supposed to be white...then it must be white. (otherwise it couldn't have possibly been there right?)

The truck that passed us on GLR heading out toward 375 was white...the guy didn't slow down...he gave us the once over on the way by...he had short hair...looked military, or security guardish...he didn't wave back...and he left us choking on his dust...very impolite.

Now the fact that he was coming from the gate and heading toward the highway...and the fact that we had not seen any sign of anyone else heading in that way from 375 indicated to me...that he must have been coming from inside the base. But I could be and quite probably am incorrect.

That being said...the F150 was white.

If that description doesn't make you feel comfortable and sedate...I appologize.
I was merely relating what I saw on a Saturday afternoon in the desert...for someone other than you.


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