Curious rookie making run to 51 from LV

Message posted by Lou on December 06, 2007 at 7:54:10 PST:

After kicking myself the past 8 trips to LV, I am determined to make the run to Rachel etc. I'll be doing this sometime during my 12 day stay ( thinking time away from the casinos as a wise investment ) Dec 27 - Jan 5. Planning on leaving 4:30 - 5am & encompassing about half a day. My fiancee appears to desire Spa time over this & probably looks forward to the possibility that once I go, I may just shut up about the research etc out there.

So...... for a first timer making a half day run, does any one care to offer advice / warnings / what to see & prepare for? I do understand the weather being potentially harsh & probably do not desire driving to the gate seeing that I'll be alone.


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