Boundries for Area 51 visitors

Message posted by Roadeye on November 16, 2007 at 11:53:01 PST:

Hi there,

I'm new to this site and probably one of the newer members to the Area-51 back gate visitor's list.
On Nov.3rd of this year four of us from the East Coast of Canada made the trip up from Vegas where we were in town on business, to Rachel and then on to the notorious back gate of what, to us anyway, has to be the most famous place in the world that doesn't really exist.
The trip and the scenery was great and we had little trouble finding our way around thanks in no small part to the kind information and dos and don'ts list passed on to us by the great people at the Little A'le'Inn in Rachel.
But...I have a question.
When we got back home we were a little surprised to find least according to a couple of websites, that we were actually inside the boundries of military property even when we stayed on the civilian side of the signs and the orange posts.
This surprised us especially because we were taking pictures and shooting videotape...with a broadcast quality betacam the whole time.
Were we taking a risk by doing this?

Could the camo dudes that were watching us the whole time come down from the hill and charged us with anything?

We did point all of our cameras at them at some point in time.
The betacam is a big camera and we made no effort to conceal it at anytime.

We had no trouble with them whatsoever...but being someone from outside the country...rolling tape where it said not to be... I have to admit to being a little curious.

So...were we technically inside the base at the gate...or were we not?

Can somebody answer this for me?

What would have happened had the boys in the jeep come down to talk to us?

Thanks in advance



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