Re: Boundries for Area 51 visitors

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on November 16, 2007 at 12:50:52 PST:

Glad you enjoyed your trip. If you were at the Rachel Back Gate, or North Gate of Area 51, you were on public land anywhere east of the fence and warning signs. In other words, as long as you did not climb over the fence next to the gate, you are fine.

There is an old fence a few hundred feet before you get to the gate, which is open at the road. This fence is not the border, and it is safe to pass it. You can take video all day long without a problem. We had many TV crews (including a Russian crew) out there with all kinds of equipment, and never had a problem.

If you visit Cedar Gate, which is in the next valley north of Rachel, the situation is different. Here, the guard shack and gate is a few hundred yards inside the border, and the fence IS the border, although there is no gate and you could drive right throuh. If you drive up to the Guard Shack there, you are inside the perimeter. But the range up there is managed by a different contractor, and security is not as tight.

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