Re: Boundries for Area 51 visitors

Message posted by Roadeye on November 19, 2007 at 6:23:48 PST:

Scott is correct.
After I read your reply to my inquiry I realized my mistake and had not had a chance to correct it until now.
I guess we were at the front gate...although from other websites the description of where I was has, at least from the ones I've visited, been refered to as the back gate.
It made sense to me because of the lack of a fence and any signs of any gate. The other one...the one I didn't visit does indeed have a fence does it not?
Anyway... it was my first trip.
I'm sorry for any confusion.
Joerg thanks for your replies...both of them.
And Scott thanks for clearing that up.
I'm glad I wasn't anywhere I wasn't supposed to be doing anything I wasn't supposed to be doing.
I feel better now knowing that myself and my friends don't have to worry about any black Suburbans being parked out in front of our houses.
It was the video gear I was concerned about also.
It was rented and losing it would have been very hard to explain and very expensive as well.
Thanks again


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