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Message posted by alan gudaitis on October 15, 2007 at 23:22:33 PST:

Joe, my e-mail, if not posted, is
Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you some decent web sites.

In respect to this web site and Joerg, I don't want to cross that line and go off topic.

I live in Las Vegas, only a few miles from Nellis AFB.
I go to Rachel quite a few times a year. I'll be going to the October's Red Flag, and hanging out in Rachel for a week or two.

I'd love to get together with anyone else who may be thinking of going there for the last RF this year.

I'll be in the 5th wheel RV in back of the Inn...can't miss it. Much to my surprise my RV can be seen in the new high res image of Rachel, albiet, a bit blurry, but
its there.

Also, for 1st timers, I don't see a need for extra gas if you are only going to Groom Lake road, a distance of
about 30 miles from the Shell station in Ash Springs.

Also, in case of emergencies, The Little AlienInn has a supply of gas for customers who need it. They charge about four dollars a gallon, but it is a courtesy issue. They are not a gas station.

Unless one plans to drive around for several days, I see no need for extra gas.

A round trip from the Shell Station to the Inn is about 100 miles. Shell station has a convienence store
with mucho sandwiches,snacks, and drinks.

Should be over 100 planes this year with the Raptors
officially participating. Looking forward to some good photos...I hope :)


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