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Message posted by Joe on October 15, 2007 at 17:34:21 PST:

>>I have been a serious UFO researcher for many years, but I haven't come to this forum to discuss that issue.
I have many other resources in that regard. Dreamland Resort, to me, is the definitive website for info on high tech development of aircraft platforms, and Red Flag information, that's why I come here.<<

I agree. The RoadRunner's reunion was amazing. What those guys can talk about from the 1960s is fascinating.

Just met a guy at a Boy Scout event who can talk about a few of the things he did at Edwards and A51 in the 30 years he "spent in the black world." Was real interested what I experienced at the Roadrunners reunion. I gave him one of the "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free/CIA coins I bought there. Said he had, at one time, a former job with access to enough of the A51 area to know for certain there "are no UFOs there. It's all BS and I don't mean Boy Scouts!"

Was quite adamant about that.

But I remain, like you, interested in possible ET craft as well as our black flying world.

Wondering if you could email me with the other websites you find interesting in that regard, or if Hank and Joerg have no objection to a simple referral to other ET type sites, maybe you could post them here, and/or they could include them as directions for those who find here but are looking for something more like them?



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