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Message posted by Alex (UK) on August 14, 2007 at 16:21:27 PST:

I just thought id share with you 2 experiences ive had over the past week. On Sunday 5th at around 2:00am i was sat on my doorstep having my early morning smoke. From my doorstep i have a clear view of the air corridors heading NW to SE and just after 2:00am i noticed a bright yellow light, flickering almost every milisecond heading along the same direction as the civilian passenger planes, but around a few thousand feet lower. I tracked it for a good 5 minutes, it was a clear night, the stars were visible and there was not any cloud in sight. Also at this time there were no passenger jets, i had observed one in the 15 minutes i had been sat there. I tracked it as it came towards me then headed away. Well before it went out of visibility, it completely dissppeared. As it traveled along it made a low pitched, monotone rumble. I ruled out a passenger jet and satellite and still dont know what it could have been.
The second experience i have to share with you occured lat night at around 12:15am. This was even more unusual in that it didnt even follow the civillian air corridors as it was travelling extreme SW to extreme NE. It appeared almost to be crossing the air corridor heading NW to SE then the air corridor heading SE to NW. It had two fixed, pale yellow lights, in the middle of the body (ill get to that in a moment) and one small (also pale yellow) light to the right of the lights in the centre of the body. The sky was lighter than usual due to light pollution, a slight mist hung over the ground but the stars were visible, a few high level clouds in the distance but altogether a perfect night. i could see a grey diamond shaped aircraft heading through the haze of light mist (this is the part you guys call me a fraud, bob lazar or limey liar) It went over the house, and out of sight. I went through into the back and continued to watch it go out of sight. One of the strangest things ive ever seen in the sky.
I just thought id share what id seen with you


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