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Message posted by Alex (UK) on August 15, 2007 at 15:47:10 PST:

what i mean by the arguing and dismissing is that this forum and its members do not seem to have any time for those who think differently to them. Experts who use this forum give a frosty reception to some newcomers, those who have visited area 51 seem to think they know better than everyone else because they have stood on GLR. You have driven members out in the past, and i do not like the fact that you refuse to communicate with some members. You are such a tight knit forum that people with genuine interest in Area 51 etc (like myself) are sent to coventry because i havent got a a picture of me on GLR or a scanner. I have nowhere else to discuss my love of Groom and the activities that surround it, this forum is an honest forum ill give you that, it doesnt surround itself in the crap that other forums do, but its no place for people like me, its certainly not as friendly as it makes out to be. I think the sight is great, dont get me wrong, but you need to seriously think about who you are aiming your forum at. You also seem to dismiss peoples posts as off topic, creating arguments etc, whereas you will hapily post articles about scanners, etc etc. As ZaMi said to me, what has that got to do with area 51? I have decided to take the step of leaving the forum, and this will be my final message. But i know even this message will not get through to some of you. You need to realise that not everyone is as "well informed" as you and that people like me resent being treated like idiots when we try to talk of our experiences. If this is the kind of reception i will get from every person interested in area 51, then im glad im distancing myself from the topic.
alex winson

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