Re: What ive seen

Message posted by Alex (UK) on August 15, 2007 at 13:21:31 PST:

all i can say is no, but i thought id share it with people. If you have a problem with it then thats fine, but i will not be visiting this sight anymore and will detach myself from the whole area 51 nonsense for good. Im interested in the whole avation thing, im interested in black projects, Xplanes and the like. Ive no one to share my interest with other than you guys and if what i say seems a little stupid at times then i apologise. Im quite ready to give the whole thing up, the whole topic has lost its way with me. And thats not a threat, cos i know my actions wont make a single ounce of difference to you guys opinions. Im just sick of all the arguing, the dismissing, the whole "i know better because in an expert" thing. Experts havent got eyes where some of us have eyes, i dont see how having visited area 51 gives people the right to criticise less informed others.

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