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Message posted by jdcardiac on July 09, 2007 at 23:09:27 PST:

Conspiracy vs. coverup; or is it the same? My 26-year background in the cardiac field may give a little to this thread. Certainly, one can have a fatal coronary/cardiac episode when one does not have a clue that they have a problem. Usually, these are people who have significant risk factors such as family history, smoking, and high chlorestoral; and don't see a doctor on a regular basis for physicals, blood work, etc. In upwards of 200,000 cardiac deaths each year in the U.S. can fit into this category.
That being said, one would think it would be common for a pilot of this stature to be checked out on a yearly basis and at the very least have a 12-lead ECG and probably a treadmill or nuclear stress test done. The exam should include blood work for lipid profile (chlorestoral)and liver funtion due to medication that the patient would take. I personally have been involved with many pilots, private and commercial, who have had or are threatened to have their licenses yanked due to findings on a physical and have made their way into my cardiac cath lab. One, in fact, was a former shuttle pilot from the mid-80's!
The statement that the pilot withheld info is the crock part of this story. Any decent MD associated with flight surgeon-type exams would perform these routine exams on a pilot with this type assignment, I would think. This is probably where a coverup comes into play. The MD was in on it or his findings were surpressed. Then again, maybe the aircraft was intentionally sabotaged!!!!!


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