Janet Beech that crashed enroute from A51 to TTR

Message posted by Chris on July 09, 2007 at 16:36:58 PST:

Hey All

I was just looking over the Janet info and came across the the Beech that crashed, I has almost forgot about it :).

Now Im not to big on conspiracy theories, well it depends, anyway I just think its kind of fishy that the pilot had sudden cardiac failure. I mean if your a pilot for EG&G, contracted by the Air Force to fly people in and out of the most secret base in the world, you would think that the medical exams would be fairly thorough and it would be hard to hide a problem from the examiners like the report states... I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts on this are and if anyone knows anymore about it than the attached report.


Attached link: Crash Report


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