Re: Another interesting find

Message posted by Tom on June 15, 2007 at 20:01:59 PST:

I have a friend in the Caltech Seismo Dept, and he recently told me about their fielding remote seismometer installations, and tieing them together with 900 MHz spread spectrum Ethernet bridge radios. In VERY remote areas, they are using satellite access to get the data back. My suspicion is that the dish is the satellite link and there's a seismometer next to it linked at 900 MHz. I would expect there are others (or other planned) in a line of sight feeding the rubber duck antenna, and that the satellite uplink is the main node for the area.

Ah one question though....What's the small white dome thingy on top of the post in the right installation? It looks like a GPS dome?

I'll forward the pics to my Caltech friend and see if he's familiar with them.

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