Re: Another interesting find

Message posted by Chuck Clark on June 15, 2007 at 17:41:09 PST:

The array looks like one of the new seismic detectors that were installed at various locations over the last few months. There is one located in Rachel on a friend's private property (as I recall, his didn't have the Wild Blue logo on it, but it is otherwise identical to my Wild Blue dish). He was told it would be left in place for about two years and then removed. I think it ties into Cal-Tech's seismic sensor network. This all started about the time that Bush decided that he wanted to test that 700 kiloton conventional explosive device on the NTS, so I suspect that there is a benign scientific purpose in conjunction with a more questionable military weapons experiment. I still haven't seen an aircraft that could deliver a 700 KT conventional device to a target - unless of course, that's what the new massive hangar at Area 51 is going to house?

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