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Message posted by Lumpy on June 15, 2007 at 11:30:31 PST:

I'm trying to do the process of elimination on this pair of xmitters. What might be all the possibilities, however far fetched?
- road sensor (A51 or otherwise related)
- ground water sensor
- ground radiation sensor
- geo-seismic thingie
- Commercial broadcast sat radio/TV (anything's possible)
- Cow sensor (cattle with xmitters or inductor loops)

yada yada.

Maybe try and eliminate the obvious. Ask the BLM or the USFWS visitor center. "I saw some cattle scratching on the posts and they knocked down the fence. I thought You'd want to know" then watch for the repair contractors.

Do they need some kind of permit at the county level or fed level that is searchable?

Ask the manufacturer.

I think the hams that are sat guys (I'm not) could tell you what the dish is pointed at.

What does the local scanner traffic do when you drive by the thing?

It's not impossible for the thing to be a hi tech version of a "refrigerator dump". Some tech contractor installs an experimental device with uplink in an area that's not frequently traveled.

Is it BLM land or Fish/Wildlife land, or is that the same in that area?

Joerg - what are the coord's of the things, actual or close estimate?


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