Another interesting find

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on June 14, 2007 at 16:53:31 PST:

On the way to the Tikaboo trail head we discovered soemthing else, probably not related to Area 51. But I am curious if anyone has an idea what it is.

Those of you who have gone up to Tikaboo will remember the cattle water area a mile or two after the sharp right turn, where the road from Medsger Pass intersects from the right. Just north of that water area are two brand new transmitters, with good sized solar panels, surrounded by a fence. This pseudo-panorama gives an idea of the setup. The Tikaboo road is on the left.

The sites are about 20 yards apart. One site appears to have a large buried object of approx. 4x8ft. (right photo in the back). Above ground is a solar panel, a small transmitter box and an antenna (looks like 800 MHz) directed at a matching rubber duck antenna on the second site.

The second site has a larger solar panel and a larger transmitter box. The input seems to be the rubber duck antenna. The output goes to a satellite dish. This site appears to be an uplink relay for the first site.

It appears that the first site has something buried underground that generates data. The data is transmitted on a directional 800 MHz link the the second site some 20 yards away, and from there via microwave to a satellite link. Why this elaborate setup is neccessary is not clear. A cable connection between the sites would seem a lot easier.

Again, this is on BLM land, and has probably nothing to do with Black Projects. But I would still appreciate any input on this. Thanks!


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