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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on December 06, 2006 at 8:12:40 PST:

> Who says the Air Force does not have a sense of
> humor...

*LOL* :-)

Your story sounds _very_ familiar to me - I have experienced almost exactly the same several times on the last years ;-).

A highlight was a case this year: Imagine two USAF locations, let's call them "L" and "R". I knew that the files I wanted were _located_ at L, but had to be _released_ by R. This is what happened:
- I sent the request to R's FOIA office, saying that I wanted documents from L, which have to be released by R.
- R FOIA office: "The files are at L, so please send your request there"
- Me: "No, I _know_ (from past experience) that FOIA cases must be processed at the _release_ authority."
- R FOIA: "Ok."
... several months(!) later ...
- R FOIA: "We have determined that your case should be handled by L's FOIA office, and forwarded it there. You will hear from them. Our case is closed."
- L FOIA: "We have received the forwarded request from R. Are we at L the release authority?? Must be new ..."
... weeks later ...
- L FOIA: "We are, in fact, _not_ the release authority for your case. We transfer it to R's FOIA office. Our case is closed."
- Me, thinking: "%&$#*!!!" ;-)
- Me: Writing a _really_ long e-mail to _both_ FOIA offices, explaining in great detail the FOIA procedures(!), and saying that I don't really care who does what, but that they should _please_ sort out their confusion.
... weeks later ...
- R FOIA: "Ok, we accepted the request as new."
- Me: "Thanks, and do not even _think_ about forwarding it anywhere"
... four months(!) later ...
... I received the files :-)

So, whatever a USAF FOIA office is telling you, be prepared to check it against the USAF FOIA regulations, and _complain_ in case of (apparent) inconsistencies.

Interestingly, I never had such problems with the Navy.


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