Visual stealth compendium

Message posted by Carlos on October 22, 2006 at 4:05:28 PST:

Well, I want to make a compendium of the most striking material I have found out there dealing with visual stealth development. I am sure that you guys already know many of this pages, so that I will welcome any comments on the subject:

1) "Being invisible" a MUST READ article on visual stealth from Wired Magazine (the best I have found so far, witch technical considerations about a real world visual camo):

2) “Hiding in plane sight”, a TREMENDOUS article, the second bestd I’ve found. It appeared in Popular Science in May, 1997 (yes, Popsci can produce some good material beyond its habitual plain speculation J):

3) "Disappearing planes, not an off the shelf technology", from Jeff Rense's website (I know how much Jeff Rense likes the Lunatic Fringe, but this article is an exception that complements that of the Wired):

4) “British classified programs explore options for visual and IR signature reduction” from Aviation Week (December 2004). The brits are working too on visual stealth:

5) “Groom Lake tests target stealth” (Aviation Week, February 1996) An old but very interesting and informative article:

6) “Plan for cloaking device unveiled” and “Experts create invisibility cloak” (BBC news). The novel metamaterials are good candidates for visual stealth (although they only work efficiently at microwave frequencies right now):

7) “USAF Weighs Four Skunk Works Designs for Interim Strike” (Aviation Week’s Aviation Now, November 2004). The USAF is, at least, officialy considering visual stealth for its next bomber:

8) “In search of the Pentagon's billion dollar hidden budgets - how the US keeps its R&D spending under wraps”. In this very classic article, Bill Sweetman mentions the famous “electrochromatic panels” supposedly being tested at Area 51 (the nature of these panels is dubious, as the fast pace of the video industry shows us new developments each month: flexible OLED displays, Quantum Dot OLEDs, new forms of LCDs, fiber optic panels...):

9) “Black projects: the unacknowledged X-planes” A web site devoted to the X-planes that mentions the “Project Ivy” (it was featured in Aviation Week and was, hypothetically, the first aircraft that “weared” an electrochormic coating. Some have speculated that Boieng’s Bird of Prey is the Ivy or maybe a follow-on):

10) “Optical camouflage”. The famous TACHI laboratory’s “invisibility cloak”:

11) “Project chameleo”. An interesting but bulky approach to visual stealth:


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