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Message posted by Carlos on October 24, 2006 at 6:24:01 PST:

In relation to the second article I've posted (the one featured in Rense's site) I have a couple of interesting thoughts: the JSF or F-35 is being considered as an ideal plataform for the initial fielding of many radical technologies (advanced phased arrays wich "tile" modules, lasers or even HPM weapons), but what about its potential to field visual stealth? Certainly, the superconducting power generator being developed for the on-board laser may fulfill the energy needs of an hypothetical electrochromic coating (even if it is based in the old LCD technologies). In fact, in the Popsci article the JSF is depicted with visual stealth panels along its outer skin. The one problem I see with this is the IR signature, that would be seriously affected, but the JSF apparently uses its own fuel to cool the electronics, so a similar approach may be used to solve the increased IR emissions. Any comments?

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