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Message posted by Xhunter on October 24, 2006 at 19:00:44 PST:

This all second hand rumor but I heard an interesting story once from a man whose father flew helicopters for the L.A. Sheriffs's Department. He told me his dad was seriously affected by and had finally died due to a respiratory illness caused by toxic smoke he had inhaled unknowingly at an aircraft crash site. He and his copilot (also later affected) had responded to an accident of what was said to be a fighter jet that had hit the side of a mountain on one of the Channel Islands. He went on to say that in the course of trying to find out why his father was so sick he had heard that what had crashed was actually some type of drone equiped with a "color-changing optical stealth" material which when burned was apparently something you really didn't want to breathe. As I remember this all happened sometime in the 80's.

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