Camping Red Flag 07-1

Message posted by Eric Peterson on September 18, 2006 at 16:09:04 PST:

I changed my plans and instead of arriving in late September for a few days, I'm planning on arriving in the Rachel area on Sunday afternoon(Oct 8th) for Red Flag 07-1. I'm planning on staying for a few days and leaving the morning of Wednesday (Oct 11th). Hopefully those first 2 days of the exercise will be active with good ariel views and hopefully we will be in a location where we can see the impact area too. I heard from Hank that Cedar Gate and Railroad Valley would be possible places.

I'm looking for a place I can camp for 3 nights with my 33'motorhome towing an Explorer and not get hasselled. Would like to be able to view the impact area from the location as well. Does such a place exist? Dirt roads are just fine too. This will be my first time to Rachel. Do many people arrive in Rachel for these exercises? Do these exercises continue through the night? If not, is it possible that they will fly the secret stuff during the nights of Red Flag? Thanks for any and all responses!


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