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Message posted by Hank on September 18, 2006 at 16:47:58 PST:

First off the only way that you can get in any trouble is if you cross the border. Otherwise they may observe you but that goes on all the time. Thats their job. I dont believe that I gave a location for an impact area. If you mean where bombs and rockets are impacted I dont believe that their is any view spot available. As far as a crowd showing up for Red Flag their could be as many as 5 people or as little as 0. Sometimes their are day exercises and sometimes day and night, or sometimes just night. You can track the times and days thru the Notams website.
When you get the box type in KLSV, thats the code for Nellis. They will tell you the times of the exercises. These are posted in ZULU time so subtract 7 hours and you'll get Rachel times. If you have a Milair scanner it will be a huge help as it will help as to where the exercises are taking place. If all else fails park at Coyote Summit (map with GPS numbers on left side of the DLR page under Maps & GPS.Its ten miles east of Rachel on the south side of 375. The turn in is marked by two trash barrels. As a rule Groom shuts down during Red Flags and it seems the tests are flown on moonless nights. Dont know which direction you are coming from but if you are coming up 95 gas in Tonopah and if your coming up 93 Gas in Alamo or Ash springs. The only gas in Rachel is at the Quik Pik and sometimes they are out.
Jolene at the Quik Pik and Pat at the Inn are good sources for info and are happy to help.

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