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Message posted by Gregos on September 18, 2006 at 22:55:47 PST:

I like the "Hidden Camp Site" by Groom Lake Road, but you can't get a 33 footer down that road. I've only been to Cedar Gate once but it is an old paved road that is no longer maintained. Big chunks are missing but it is auto friendly. Lots of cows and bulls and wild horses too. I also believe that if an Aurora aircraft flies it will take off from Runway 32 and "zip" up to 60,000 feet (and then some) over the Nellis Range where it never has to speak to FAA Air Traffic Control. My next camping trip will be there.

Gas up every chance you get. Take lots of H2O for humans as well as autos. Lastly, pick up your trash. Don't leave anything behind. Someone left trash for burning at the Hidden Camp Site over Memorial Day with probably good intentions, but it is still trash.

Lastly, if you are going to make a trip to such a remote location, take the time to enjoy the desert ecosystem. From the butterflies, snakes, rabbits, mice, lizards, etc. The night comes alive. Have fun but we are the guests, so please show some respect. It is truely bueatiful out there. Don't mess it up for the next guy...

See my trip reports from 2006 they may help.

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