Re: Can I take pictures from the border

Message posted by Hank on September 05, 2006 at 11:20:28 PST:

The signs are the border for their purposes. Please be careful and try not to trip or fall down past the signs. As far as turning around and RV its probably best to park it before you get to the signs. It gets a little tight down there and depending on the size it could be very difficult. About 100 yards or so before you get to the signs you'll see a turn out on your right hand side. A way better alternative.As far as an unintentional crossing I believe that is in the hands of the Cammos. We know of an incident last year where a guy was delivering a J-Jon and got lost and went over the border. They just turned him around with a warning. That being said we also know someone who two years ago got nailed with a very large fine and had to sign many papers. I have heard that on occassion the sheriff has been known to render assistance. Never heard about that from the base. I have no first hand info on any of that just rumor. Please dont tempt the fates its not worth it in any case.

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