Re: Can I take pictures from the border

Message posted by Joe on September 05, 2006 at 9:29:28 PST:


>>Yes you can take pictures. You will not have any contact with the cammos unless you cross the border.<<

How flexible are they with this? Are those signs right at the border? (Or is there a foot or two between the sign at their "reaction point?)

For example, if I walk up to the sign, should I be careful not to trip and land past the sign (with perhaps my foot still stuck on a rock just outside the border?)

Or in turning around an RV near those signs, if I back a foot or two past the sign on my way out; would they react?

I have no intention whatsoever of testing to find out; always get a bit nervous when touching those signs (afraid I might fall over or something).

Anyone have any experience with the Camos having a distinction of "intent to cross the border" verses a misstep when trying to get a photo or turn around to leave or the like?

Just wondering,


PS I've also heard stories that they have sent help from the base (or notified the sheriff when they have noticed a disabled vehicle or the like).

Personally, I wish they'd just put up a "U-2 Invented here sign, with a bit of history, or maybe even a visitor's center. Seems that would serve to diminish the interest of the UFO whackos and those folks would start looking elsewhere for the real "secret base.")

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