Red Flag and Red Hats/Eagles

Message posted by Chris McDowell on August 26, 2006 at 21:52:10 PST:

I posted this question about a year or so ago, and the general consensus answer was that no, the Red Hat/Red Eagle squadrons and their "acquired" Russian aircraft do not participate as aggressors in Red Flag. Most agreed that the Red Air mission is handled exclusively by the various USAF Aggressor squadrons.

However, I still consistently read accounts in such various sources as Wikipedia, FAS, and Defense Review that insist that the Red Hats/Red Eagles routinely fly their aircraft in Red Flag exercises.

So...which is it? :) I would imagine that Chuck, Hank, or Lonewolf, with as many Flags as they've observed, would have noticed MiGs and Sukhois flying around, but they haven't (or at least haven't mentioned it). But FAS and Defense Review are pretty reliable sources as well.

Chris M.


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