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The only oddball aggressors I documented were Kfir. Since such a plane should be on our side, I don't know what it was pretending to be. Peter Forkes and I spotted this from the TTR, which is enemy territory. [Initially we thought it was a Mirage, which also didn't make sense.] We had some good viewing that day, seeing the MI-24 Hind and AN-2 Colt.

One reason why some people might think there are SU-27s and such in Red Flag is the USAF writes up exercises over the Nellis range using the SU-27 as the enemy. I don't have the links handy, but these documents should still be on the net. These are either done on paper or computer simulations, but I doubt for real.

Wiki is a nice idea, but if any fool can write/edit it, then it is worth what you pay. ;-)

The SU-27 has been documented at Groom a few times, so the assumption is the base wants it known that they have at least one. They flew it between sessions of a Red Flag, when it was obvious there were people in the ranges with big glass. The Su-27 has been video taped flying over Groom and photographed on the runway at Groom.

I'm still waiting for my check from Uncle Sam for the "leak" well done.

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