Re: Rachel update - please!

Message posted by Lumpy on August 11, 2006 at 22:44:07 PST:

Hank wrote:
> ...Iam not sure what the people out there
> think is going on in Rachel...

> ...Their is a small RV park there that housed
> some permanent residents,at the time I believe
> their were 6 or 8 people that lived there...

That's roughly 10% of the population that's being evicted. Seems pretty significant.

I'm interested in the new owner's thought process. From what I understand, a "tourist" RV park in Rachel will not be a productive venture. Why would he 86 the regular residents that will generate income for him and then invest on something that is pretty sure to fail?

You were on CHiPs? Did you wear those sexy
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No. Swimtrunks.

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