Re: Rachel update - please!

Message posted by Hank on August 06, 2006 at 10:33:07 PST:

Iam not sure what the people out there think is going on in Rachel. I was there last week and the only people that are talking about any changes are the people on this site. I think something got blown out of proportion. The town of Rachel has not been sold. Their is a small RV park there that housed some permanent residents,at the time I believe their were 6 or 8 people that lived there. That property was sold along with the convenience store called the Quik Pic.The person that bought the property is converting the RV park to a travelers rv park similar in operation to a KOA without permanent residents.Thats all thats happened.The town is still there, the Quik Pik is open and operating, The base is still there, and I will be there next week for Red Flatg.

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