Question about odd sighting

Message posted by Dave on June 30, 2006 at 13:21:39 PST:

I was wondering if anyone has seen something similar to what I saw driving home to Las Vegas from LA several years ago. While on the 15 fwy at about 2am roughly 50 miles west of stateline on a very dark, but clear night I saw something I haven't been able to find on google.

Towards the north just before the mountains, large concentric rings appeared concecutively with a sort of percussive thud when each lit up. They were unorganized and illuminated. All I can compare them to are rings of greenish fire that started with a single ring which seemed at least 150 feet in diameter and continued with another slightly smaller, and finally another even smaller - like a bulls-eye on a target.

At the time I was working with an engineer that had retired from area51 who of course just gave me a blank stare when I asked him about it. oh well...

btw the one thing he did tell me was that the main operations of area51 were moved during the 90's somewhere not in the US - don't what that means exactly.



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