Rumblings around A51

Message posted by The Major on June 20, 2006 at 0:57:53 PST:

Some interesting seismic events around A51 in the wee hours of 19JUN06:

1) 01:29:34 (local) Mw: 1.7 Depth: 0 (!) Location N37.342 W115.82 (6mi north of Groom Lake airfield)

2) 01:50:18 (local) Mw: 1.1 Depth: 5km Location N37.209 W115.941 (7mi WSW of Groom Lake airfield)

Little over 30 minutes apart. Number two looks natural, unless NTS is exploding non-nuclear devices over 3 miles underground in the middle of the night. It's number one that's curious... did something crash out there, or did somebody drop ordinance someplace they usually don't? Anybody have any ideas?

The Major


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