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Message posted by The Major on June 20, 2006 at 13:11:00 PST:

Since there are 6 working seismometers in the immediate vicinity of the two events, and 9 more to the west and northwest, the computer-generated magnitude, depth and location should be fairly accurate. Certainly, the margin of error on location will be substantially less than 50 miles. To be certain, however, I have sent an email message to a USGS seismologist requesting information on microearthquake detection and the expected accuracy of the algorithms that generate location and magnitude information (with 6 seismometers nearby).

For now, it seems safe to say that something impacted or detonated on the desert floor in the neighborhood of NTS/A51 in the early morning hours of June 19th. Perhaps it was a rock slide on a nearby mountain, like the ones that create surface seismological events of similar magnitude on Mount St. Helens. In any case, the event seems worthy of a little digging because it might be evidence of an aviation accident.

I'll post the reply from the seismologist when I receive it.

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