Thunderbirds at Creech AFB

Message posted by Gregos on June 14, 2006 at 11:15:30 PST:

I went up to KINS yesterday to watch the Thunderdirds practice. This time I got there early and tuned the tower frequency 360.625. About 5 minutes before the NOTAM time "Thunderbird Control" called in and the tower gave them the airspace. The tower also told them Runway 8 was the active. However, they practiced on Runway 13 / 31, so most of the show was far away from highway 95. You could hear them on frequency 143.85 AM listed on this site.

The two solo pilots showed up first and flew around for about 10 minutes. I figured I was going home early as they were so far away. Then the 4 formation planes showed up and practiced mostly the same maneuvers. The "high show bomb burst" in particular. The two solos may have left early during the hour because at the end the 4 formation planes did a possible "touch and go" on Runway 8 and then headed home to Nellis AFB just after 1:30 pm local time. I couldn't see if they actually touched down because of the buildings. It's amazing how calm they are on the radio. I think my "you know what" would be tighter than a snare drum flying so close!

As for the way home, I turned down a few dirt roads with guard shacks stopping you before you enter the range. Just South of Creech there is a Dry Lake Bed. If you look at it on Google, there are two "bulls eyes" on it with looks like bomb craters all about. I find it hard to believe they drop live ordinance so close to highway 95! Is that true or am I seeing things? There is also a small base that leads to the lake bed. There are four large red signs but too far from the road to read. Anyone know what they say? Probably "KEEP OUT!" I imagine!!! One dirt road in particular is just South of a gravel company and the road says "Live Firing Range, DO NOT ENTER," It looks like armor all set up as a "target" but it is too far away even with my camera to tell. Anybody know about that. Last question, I believe the road is "Corn Creek" and it looks like it heads up into the range but to the South (maybe into the Wildlife Management Area). Is that public access or Air Force property? It's hard to tell on Google as it is in a low res photo. I would have headed up that way, but boy I would not want to break down out there! With Gas so pricey, and Creech being 60 miles from where I live, I still think it's worth the trip. I just wished they did the show over Runway 8. All and all, it was still a fun afternoon and if you get the chance do it. Just get a scanner, it's way better when you can see and hear!


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