Re: Thunderbirds at Creech AFB

Message posted by Hank on June 14, 2006 at 11:59:58 PST:

What you saw yesterday was a practice session as oppossed to a formal demonstration on your last visit. When they don't have shows they are at Indian Springs almost on a Moday thru Friday basis. If you get off 95 going north at the casino their is an access road that takes you past the base and then to what used to be a bar and restaurant that is now closed.Their is a cell tower behind the restaurant on a dirt road. From there you get a straight shot across all the runways.
The dry lake bed with the targets thats close to 95 is where they did the Capstones. A live fire exercise. If you go to the archives 10/8/2004 you will see some pics that Chuck posted.Very close to the road. Sometimes you will see jeeps, deuce and a half trucks, tanks etc. that they use for target practice.
If you are interested in the road thru the wildlife management area please send me a private email

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