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Message posted by Will(NorCal) on June 11, 2006 at 19:46:28 PST:

I suppose it could be leftover from a blast, possibly from the site directly to the south. The way it terminates at one place would seem to be the reverse of the photo you posted, if that were the case, though.

The square block at the north end of the cables looks almost like the tower, except shorter...;)

It's interesting you mentioned the cabling methods;

My dad worked alternately at the NTS and Vandenberg for civilian contractors in the late 50's -early 60's. He was a journyman electrician at the time. He emailed me about a specific incident at a site he worked on at the NTS this morning, and mentioned the cabling setup.

If you don't mind, I'll include an excerpt here...

"CTLIII was three engine or engine component
test stands ninety degrees apart with a control room at their center. Each test stand was about a quarter mile from the control room. The test stands were connected to the control room with both a tunnel containing many trays overflowing
with instrument test cables and trenches loaded with conduits full of power and control cables. It
was a dream job for electricians both for the installation and connection of those conductors.
I was in charge of identification of those conductors with a minimum of time spent. The test stand were a horizontal concrete block with embedded bolts. Adjacent to the stands were cabinets where all the instrument test cables from the control room terminated."

I'm trying to find a more specific location for "CTL III". I know he did some work in the Frenchman Lake area, but that imagery is still pretty fuzzy.


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