Re: Bunch of Cables in the NTS

Message posted by walt on June 12, 2006 at 6:54:08 PST:

Hi everyone Iíve been reading posts on this forum for quite some time
but this is my first post

My girl friend and I went on the NTS tour in Feb (Interesting ) the tour guide said that the tests used cables from the sled (test rig) to the control bunkers for instruments and data accusation. The crater left by the blast (called a subsidence) would have cable coming out of them most were cleaned up but some still had cables coming out of them there are still lots of cable laying around the whole site
There is a test hole all set up for a shot that was suspended by President Bush senior in 1992 when we signed the test ban treaty, It is kept in a state where it could be fired in a short amount of time
The day before we went on the tour they did a sub critical test (non nuclear)which was done underground but the test instruments are under ground
The photo in one of the last posts looked like the site where the blast was delayed but I donít think it is
The spot in Google I donít think is the spot either, The spot also doses not seem to have a subsidence crater but the cables are most likely left over from some test


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