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Message posted by lone wolf on June 11, 2006 at 18:56:55 PST:

It's hard to say. Those could be what is left after a blast. The NTS has classified patents on cabling. Well known talk show host and alpha hotel Dr. Wattenburg has one of those patents.

When they did underground blasts, the NTS would assemble racks of instrumentation several stories tall. They have a special name for these towers that I don't recall. One can be seen in North Las Vegas near the DOE facility, and in fact is the tallest structure in North Las Vegas. Another is still standing at the NTS. This can be seen from the tour (of course) or near Mt. Stirling. The instruments are assembled in the tower, the lowered in the blast hole. The one still standing at the NTS was for a test that got canned when GHW Bush signed the Test Ban treaty.

Maybe this is the tower at the NTS:
37° 4'51.08"N 116° 2'43.80"W
The next times I'm on Mt. Stirling, I'll take a magnetic vector of the tower, which would verify this on GE.

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