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Message posted by Plan8 on March 13, 2006 at 17:46:12 PST:

YW Alex,
Will is right I'd think, unless they've got the adaptive/
reactive/whatever cammo figured out. it would make a exelent recon platform especialy if unmaned and could
"get up there". I'd think they would use some thing like a ducted fan engine running off a fuel cell ,now that would be quiet, but mounted on top you could run a well
muffled lycoming(just an example) and never here it
either I suspect due to the insulating of the ship
between it and the ground.
from what I've read it moves to slow to be jet propelled
I think they've been fooling around with this for 20+years
so who know what kinda weirdness they're up to by now.
here's some links from last year I found

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