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Message posted by Plan8 on March 14, 2006 at 22:08:17 PST:

If you can make one "disappear" from the ground and probally from above as well(depends who your interested in)it would be good for elint no doubt, but how high? remember... Powers was brought down from 70+thousand feet. I'm thinking current stuff like we got will fly at least FL60+ I'm thinking a F15 will do it as well not to mention the F-22, or.... I'm betting the current crop of Migs and Sukhoi's being sold to China and India will also go up pretty good so to get out of range is how high? as heavy movers they would make good re-supply vehicles if we're takling "heavy lift" (think C-5 class and then some) I'm not sure I see them going in harms way. It would make a nifty launch platform smaller hyper-speed drones with possible air retrival capibilitys (old school 'chute snagging ?) I think someone else said something about Communication s as a platform or as a relay station, makes sense to me. would also make a fine domestic border patrol vehicle. plus we've already got the Global Hawk for elint and recon.

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