Aurora Redux

Message posted by Steve Douglass on January 04, 2006 at 7:20:33 PST:

Let me clarify a few things about my earlier post.

A. The Mystic Star intercept was not mine. An aquaintance made the inercept and a tape of it, but it is not in my posession and never was. He played the tape recording over the phone and I listened to it jotting down notes on what he had heard.

Since the aquaintance was an active member of the military, we both decided it was in his best interests to leave his identity out of the report.

As for what many concieve as the DARKSTAR intercepts error in my report concerning the now famous donuts on a rope sighting, I thought I had layed this misconception to rest, but obviously many still believe it was an error since they have only read comments on the story taken conpletely out of context by some seeking to "put me in my place."

I won't rehash it here but I'm sure you can find my final comments on the Darkstar incident posted somewhere on this site.

As for sonic booms over Iraq: most were heard during early days of the war and seemed to be linked in the hunt for Saddam Hussein and the locations of his generals and military staff.

One of the classified systems that was inadvertantly disclosed being used over Iraq was what some were calling "Blackstar" or "Son of Darkstar" an unmanned (and stealthy) recon drone that was flown over Iraq from a base in Quatar. Again, I think I posted a story and drawing to the webmaster of this forum.

The press caught on to the existance of this secret UAV when U-2 pilots started complaining about a strange high-altitude aircraft operating close to their operational altitudes over Afghanistan and Iraq.



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