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Message posted by Steve Douglass on January 04, 2006 at 13:03:49 PST:

Let me see if I can make this any clearer. I do not have a copy of the recording so I cannot release it . The only one who can is the owner of the tape and he doesn't want to. The tape was made over ten years ago and may or may not still exist.

Yes, some Mystic Star communications were made in the clear and anyone could record them, but since the person who made the original Intercept was in the military and fearing that by some slim chance the intercept could be traced back to him, he made me promise to not reveal his identity in exchange for letting me hear the recording. I will honor his request until so released.

As for the U-2 pilot complaints? Why would U-2 flights be contingent on if Iraq launched any aircraft or if we owned the skies? I don't understand that statement. The U.S. has flown U-2s over Iraq and Iran and many other countries, some with and many without the resources to launch aircraft.

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