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Message posted by lone wolf on March 07, 2005 at 18:05:04 PST:

Your original post didn't specify any airports at all. Maybe "frames" messed up your link. In any event, you can also look them up directly at the FAA website

The only reason I mentioned is the AOPA link didn't have the approach and departure information, just the taxiway. I suspect a real uber-geek could find an "I" beacon from Groom if they did some scanning from the hill near route 95. I planned on doing this myself, but ran into snow. (And this was in May.) I've managed to find 3 low frequency beacons coming from the ranges. [XSD 278khz, PYD 414khz, and a very cool beacon from Basecamp on 209KHz. I can check the weather at Basecamp right from the left coast.]

Airnav pulls up
I'm a bit baffled why the FAA would have two locations for this information, but I'll report it to airnav.

It looks like the AOPA maintains their own database, but it could be some clever web trick. I do like the AOPA website for tracking Air Force 1 in their notams section.

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