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Message posted by lone wolf on March 07, 2005 at 18:54:49 PST:

Data on the net that isn't hard linked doesn't appear to be found by google. The FAA website has it's own search engine, which in turn feeds you the links.

Those low frequency beacons (such as 209Khz for basecamp) go for hundreds of miles at night. Basecamp is the only one I ever heard with voice on it. PYD, AEC, and XSD are all unlisted, though XSD does show up as an airport code for the TTR, even though the real code is TNX. Why they use PYD for the operation near Groom Lake is a mystery, since it's unofficial airport code is TKM.

Getting back to basecamp, there may not be an automated way to phone the base and get the weather, so they set up a voice channel on the NDB.

As an aside, IIRC all airforce planes are supposed to be able to receive two NDBs at the same time. This edict was part of the aftermath of the Ron Brown crash.

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